Local Roots

My mom is a gardener, she understands that in order for her garden to look beautiful and luscious in the spring and summer, it takes a lot of hard work, detailed planning and preparation in the off months to make sure the roots will catch, and will have the space to grow into the beautiful plants they are supposed to be. In the past four months, that is exactly what I have been up to. Once we relocated to Portland, the goal from the start has been to assemble a full band. My absolute deepest passion is live performance, especially with a group of rad humans to share that energy with. It has been non-stop since we arrived, immersing myself into this Portland Music Community, in hopes that I would connect with the right people. People who are as in love with music and performing as I am, people who are passionate about the songs and sounds I create and people who will make me a better person.

After many many late nights, tall boy Ranier Beers (cuz m'poor), open mics, song writer sessions, shows, and jam sessions, I am very blessed to say that not only have I found an incredible group of people to work with as a full band, but I have found quite the unexpected community in this town. From the moment I stepped foot into the music scene (which was at The 1905 with Jacob Westfall), I have received nothing but warm, welcoming, open arms. 

Yes, it took some surveying, some digging, and aerating, and trimming, but because all of the amazing people here in this community, the seeds have been planted, and my roots have caught well, and I can feel that they will spread far with these people. 

And I am already starting to see the fruit from these seeds planted. For the first time since we moved to Portland, LIAM, the band performed live. And how fitting that it was for the Local Roots Live Series, hosted by Robert Richter at the Alberta Street Pub. Let me tell you, we brought the house down, and it is only the beginning. 

A massive thank you to my new band mates. To you my friends, I promise to work my butt of to get this motha off the ground! Ian Garner, my amazing drummer, Alex Toast, bringing in the rhythm section with the bass, Brian Bays with the saucy shreds on lead guitar, E Wayne Jones slinging the mouth harp with so much spice,  Hannah Dimo singing harmonies, and myself, Liam, bringing you tunes that I hope will help you navigate through this life. Everybody, the Band LIAM. 

Shannon WinantComment