Promised Land

Moving to Portland was a big leap for me. Nothing new, as you all know, I love leaping, especially to different places. It was a tough move emotionally-Leaving my home town indefinitely was a scary thought, but I was excited to be going on this adventure with my wife. And so excited for her and the incredible opportunity she was given with Friends of the Children, the non-profit she has wanted to be a part of for a long time.

Since the release of my Single, SatMo, with the incredible support from Natalie, I have fully committed myself to making this thing happen. The vision was so clear when we released SatMo, and doors began to open in epic ways. My audition with The Voice producers didn’t turn out the way we had all hoped, but I left LA with more hunger and determination than before. I was eager to grind my way through the muddy waters of the industry. While in LA, I got to connect with a handful of legends-The day of my audition fail, I spent with my boy Meekoh. Meekoh is one of the most talented musicians and singer songwriters I know and has been integral in my development as an artist. Not only was it a great time catching up with a homie, but it was just what I needed to boost my spirits, and encourage my soul.

I told him that we were moving to Portland and that I wanted to hit the ground running. Meekoh wasted no time in connecting me to as many people as he could so that when I touched foot to Portland I could blast into the scene. One of the legends Meekoh connected me with was a gal named Haley Johnsen.


Haley Johnsen is pure talent and straight up legendary. Among being such a boss in the scene, she has been a guiding light for me in this city, and I am not sure how or why I got so lucky that she would help me out the way she has. Needless to say, I am extremely grateful. On top of ALL the help Haley has extended my way, I have the huge honor and privilege of sharing with you all this song that we co-wrote together.

“Promised Land” is a story of overcoming doubt, and persevering through the resistance, pain and arduous path a life of art takes you through. It is an anthem to holding on to the truth that occupies your soul.  It is a song straight from our souls, it is raw, outlaw, gritty and power. Once we finished the song, we knew the only way to share it was in its purest and rawest form. That is why we teamed up with my best friend Peter Delap, a genius filmmaker, to capture the soul of the song though a live session filming and recording. Peter did another brilliant job giving the song its perfect visual representation. We preset “Promised Land”.