The Bartlett Dream

Before I had gained up enough courage to fully and wholeheartedly pursue this passion, I still spent a lot of time admiring others who were. I have always known that I was meant to sing on stages, and with an awesome band behind me. I have also, for as long as it has been open, always wanted to perform on a particular stage in my home town-The Bartlett. Some of the most talented people I know have performed up there.

The atmosphere that Karli and Caleb have provided for the Spokane Music community is something that will prove to stand the test of time. I have full faith that The Bartlett will be considered one of the most important music venues, as this city's music community explodes. 

After years of just dreaming about singing with a band and singing at The Bartlett, SatMo has opened up the doors I have always been to intimidated to even knock on. On February 21st we got to play a private show at The Bartlett for Gonzaga University's juniors and seniors, and the very next evening, we had the privilege of performing at a Benefit Concert for Cup of Cool Water. BOTH NIGHTS WERE SO INCREDIBLE. 

Josh, Austin, Stephen, and Mitch killed the band-and with not much notice or preparation. We put on an hour set-with mostly originals (Just one cover of Kiss by Prince). 

That, my friends, is where I am meant to be. It is where my mind and heart are able to be fully present, and wholeheartedly working. Take a look at some highlights and pictures below: As you can see, we had zero fun. I am so stoked to do it again. 

Shannon WinantComment