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THIS IS EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER DREAMED OF! I am incredibly grateful for this amazing opportunity. Thank you, my family...thank you. This song has changed my life. SatMo is available everywhere for download: 

Last night, Friday January 12th we celebrated love, culture, diversity, and community. AND WE ROCKED! YO! I have never felt so present, so free, and I have never had so much fun. The connection between every single person in the room was spiritual. 



My beautiful, and amazing. My moon and my stars. My BIGGEST FAN! My WIFE! MY NATALIE!!!!! Your love lifts me higher and higher and higher, babe. Thank you so much for diving into this dream with me. I would not be writing this without you. And the party wouldn't have been half of what it was, without you. I love you, and I will write songs that kind of embarrass you forever. And I will rock with everything I have. 


To my band mates...I don't think you will ever understand how much this night means to me. I am so grateful for you, and for the massive amounts of sacrifice you had to take in order to make this night happen. Josh, Danny, Austin, Stephen, Steve, Billy, Tommy, Taelor, Mutsa, Canni, Mirabel, Michell, Eniola, Misikir, and Karan and my sound dude Mike! WOW! It was truly an experience of a lifetime rocking my with my entire heart soul with you. Y'all brought out my authentic self, and I will keep those moments forever. I am floating right now. 


To Robbie Artress, Matt Chancey, and Alex Zimmermann-My boys in Nashville. Thank you for pulling this song out of my brain and heart, and giving so much soul and flavor. I am so grateful. 


To my mother for believing in me my entire life, and for giving me the permission to say "Why Not?" I love you with all my heart, and I am not who I am without you. 

To my best friend Peter for your amazing talents in helping me spread the message of this single. I love you dude. 

Sean, thank you so much for opening up your beautiful venue to help us celebrate this beautiful community. We are so grateful. 

To my party people! Emylia and Damon, Celia, Aunt Glad, Austy and C, Ma(ry) and Brobert, T, Li and Coutney, Alyssa Bodeauboy, Retro Donuts, Staci and my beautiful Godchildren (hehe) Charlie and Thomas. Thank you so much for your help in making this night so special. We love you to the freakin' moon. 

To everybody, near and far, who beleives in this music and what it stands for...I cannot thank you enough. I am so grateful. 

Y'all lift me higher and closer to my creator. I love you. 





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