LIAM Live Sessions Part III & III.V

Merry Christmas, fam. Nothing quite matches the magic of Christmas. Even as a 27 year old, the magic that hovers around the air keeps my spirit alive, "Old Saint Nick" is a song dedicated to that magic.  

This Bonus Song, "Our First Christmas" was written literally during our first Christmas as a married couple. This song was another song written during a time of little and struggle. However, just as SatMo -my debut single- was a realization of the beauty and blessing of those simple times, this song was a realization of the same thing. During this season especially, remembering that Jesus loves us so much that he humbled himself to the lowest of lows, coming to earth as a infant, in a pig pen, and then eventually paying the ultimate price so that we could live the life intended for us. It is this that gives me hope, and purpose during these times of struggle. 

Merry Christmas, y'all. I am incredibly thankful for every single one of you. You make me who I am. God Bless you. 

Shannon WinantComment