I Am LIAM, and So Are You- WeAmLiam

I have been out in the real world (out from 6 years of undergraduate and graduate school) for almost a year. My wife and I have been in an arduous section of life, with so much uncertainty ahead, we have often been consumed with intense feelings of anxiety and stress. As it should, this uncomfortable time in our lives has forced us to analyze our values, where we want our lives to go, and what we want them to be about. I'm struggling to put all of my thoughts to words right now, but in short, the things we have determined are most important to us include all of you, our people, staying true to our hearts, and pursuing those things with everything we have.

If you know Shannon, you know that there are basically three things I am passionate about, the first being people, followed by music and track and field. I have had the incredible life changing privileged of pursuing my track and field dreams for most of my life. I cannot begin to explain how integral T&F has been in my growth as a man. Track and Field will forever be a massive part of my heart. I've got kids to coach, and best friends to cheer on (#TEAMSAMAAI, #KINGWILLCLAN). Sadly, my hamstrings don't agree with my ambitions as an athlete, and I knew that eventually I would have to give the other half of my soul, music, the attention it deserves. 

I've been singing soulful tunes since I can remember. Like I remember singing Ray Charles tunes when I was 5 (Thanks Ma). Since then I have been quietly learning from these soulful legends on how to communicate my heart with my voice. I have struggled to commit to a certain image in my music life, however, after being under so much pressure the past 10 months, I know that the only person I can be as an artist is myself. LIAM is my middle name, it is extremely Irish, although I am mostly Italian. However, anchored underneath its Irish heritage are layers and layers of meaning for who I am and what I am about. Let me stack the layers for you (disclaimer, this is from the internet, so? Works for me):

I value hard work, because I have experienced the transformation that a strong will and an unwavering determination provides. If you were standing in front of 10 year old Shannon, by all societies standards, I would have never accomplished any of the feats I have been brought to do. An MBA? Not a chance. Collegiate Athlete? No way. But I was introduced to hard work, by my mother, and that changed everything.

LIAM means: Strong-willed, Determined, Resolute and Unwavering Guardian Warrior and Protector

I value my people. Nothing I have accomplished is on my own accord. All of my life transformations are due to amazing people believing in me, and lifting me up, when I couldn't lift myself up. This life is not meant to be done alone. 

LIAM means: My people, My Nation, In Harmony. 

Which brings me to the name WeAmLiam. I am LIAM, but so are you. I cannot possibly take credit for anything I accomplish in this life. We are all in this together. 

Here is my bibliography: http://www.thenamemeaning.com/liam/#ixzz4zD1mzmxw 

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